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The ancient Celts recognized the evergreen’s ability to survive and endure far better than any other species of tree, and so gave it the representation of resilience and longevity. The evergreen is known for living in torrid, harsh conditions, and with its ability to survive in such challenging climates the evergreen is known as a symbol of endurance and determination.


I believe mothers possess the same qualities. Mothers are strong, resilient, determined, and can endure the unimaginable. There is nothing more awe inspiring than watching a mother bring her child into this world. The physical and mental challenges a mother has to overcome during labor, all for the love of her precious baby, is truly amazing. Our culture has lost the beauty of birth and exchanged it for fear and the idea that a woman’s body is incapable to birth the way it was designed. I believe the female body is truly an amazing thing. Not only is your body capable of growing and nurturing another human being for nine months, but it is extraordinarily capable of bringing that life into this world.  Because every mother is amazing they deserve a complimentary team of support and that’s what being a doula is all about.